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Application to Seal

Notice for sealing/expungement

Sealing and Expungment of Juvenile Records

Truancy Mediation Referral Forms:

Mediation referral


Petition for Custody

Petition for Visitation

Complaint to Establish Parent-Child Relationship

Grandparent Power of Attorney- All Completed Forms Required for Filing

Notices Regarding Power of Attorney

Grandparent Caretaker Authorization- All Completed Forms Required for Filing

Notices Regarding Caretake Authorization
Caretaker Authorization Affidavit

Court Information Form

JC-1 Information For Parenting Proceeding
JC-2 Affidavit of General Information, Income, Monthly Expenses and Financial Disclosure
JC-3 Companionship Schedule
JC-4 Long Distance Companionship Schedule
JC-5 Payment of Uncovered Health Care Expenses for Minor Child(ren)
JC-6 Standard Health Care and Cash Medical Orders for Minor Child(ren)
JC-7 Standard Child Support Orders
JC-7.1 Standard Child Support Orders with a Deviation
JC-9 Mandatory Statutory Notices


Modification of Custody
Modification of Visitation
Modification of Child Support
Modification of Tax Exemption
Motion to Show Cause (Contempt) for ______
Objection to CSEA Administrative Proceedings
Objection to Magistrate’s Decision

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